RUSABJA UTAFITI NA TIBA is a business aimed at research, teaching, guiding and sensitization of GOOD HEALTH LIVING in Health and Temperance.


Our methodology begins with our lasting mission of asserting our purpose as a business

and serves benchmark for action and decisions.

To empower the world

To encourage confidence,optimism and happiness

To create worth and make a distinction.

To protect and promote Human health ,And turn ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires.


Our vision serves as the outline of our methodology and directs every aspect of our business by unfolding what we need to achieve in order to continue sustainable and quality growth.

To have a great place to work where distributors are inspired to be the best that they can be .

Product: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality revolutionary product that anticipate and satisfy  peoples  health desires and needs.

Partners.Nurture a winning network of customers and distributors,together we create joint,long-term value.

Efficiency:Be a highly exciting and dynamic organization that will be flexible to furnish the trending needs and desires of the market.


NATURE’S WAY: Nature’s way is a recognized leader among all the nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America . It is the first industry –recognized GMP[Good Manufacturing Process]  facility and also the first to bring significant European Phytomedicines (plant-based medicines) to market making it the first major certified organic producer.

Nature’s way is one of the few original heaith food industry pioneers still in operation,it has been in business 1969 and is now one of the largest technologically –advanced dietary supplement manufactures in the united states.

ROYAL DSM. Is a global  science-based company active in heaith,nutrition and material .It is a billion-Euro a year company and is located at in Harleen,Netherland ,with large plant and offices in France,Germany,Netherlands,and Switzerland,.DSM has over 24,500 strong workfoce around the globe.

WEIDER:WEIDER is an Active Nutrition company based in phoenix,Arizona ,with over 70 years o expertise.Our mission is to provide consumers with the best product that nutritional sciences has to offer for living a longer,stronger and healthier life.Its product and services sell in over 120 countries.